Any Mason in good standing from a Lodge of a recognized jurisdiction may become a York Rite Mason.

You start our journey by petitioning a Royal Arch Chapter. When you have received the Degree of the Holy Royal Arch, you are then eligible to join a Chapter of Cryptic Masons or a Commandery where you receive the Chivalric Degrees, including that of Knights Templar.

Royal Arch

The Royal Arch Degrees fill in the spaces of the Craft (Blue Lodge) Degrees, showing how a Mason asks for his wages and rediscovering the Lost Word.


The Cryptic Degrees are considered some of the most beautiful in Freemasonry and tell the story before and after the Word was lost.

Knights Templar

The Chivalric Orders pertain to the obligations of knighthood, joining the Order of Malta and the Order of the Temple (Knights Templar).